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The Department of Chemistry of

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has dynamic and friendly and cooperative faculty members active in all areas of chemical research, and whose research is internationally recognized. The Department has become truly "The center of  science" since its activities intimately involve areas such as: Molecular biology, Molecular physics, Material sciences, Nano-technology, Biotechnology, Environmental science, Drug design, Forensic science and others.


Chemistry Department is ranked No. 27 in World Universities according to QS World University Rankings 2017


MSc Program in Analytical Chemistry
(Fall 2017 Entry and Spring 2018 Entry)


Summer Camp &
Summer Research Program 2017

(for Prospective Research Postgraduate Students, Application Deadline:
30 Apr 2017 & 3 Apr 2017)


HKUST Science Summer Camp 2017
(for for S4-S5 local DSE students;
Application Deadline: 21 Apr 2017)


Dr. Jason Chan has been selected as the recipient of the Common Core Teaching Excellence Award 2016 in respect of the Common Core Course "CHEM 1004 Chemistry in Everyday Life" that he taught. The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on 11 May 2017 (Thursday)

Prof. Simon Wan CHAN and other researchers published an article entitled "Quantitation of Aristolochic Acids in Corn, Wheat Grain, and Soil Samples Collected in Serbia: Identifying a Novel Exposure Pathway in the Etiology of Balkan Endemic Nephropathy". It was selected for the 2017 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Research Article of the Year Award (AGRO division) by the American Chemical Society


Student Achievements


Mr. CHEN Shangshang, our PG Student (Supervisor: Prof. He Yan), is awarded the Research Excellence Award 2016/2017 by School of Science, HKUST for his outstanding achievements in research. The award will be presented on 19 April 2017.

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PhD Student Seminar – 26 May 2017

Phytoremediation of Environmental Contaminants

By Miss Weiwei LI


PhD Student Seminar – 26 May 2017

Mass Spectrometry in Microorganism Identification

By Miss Yinan WANG

PhD Student Seminar – 29 May 2017

Introduction to Light Microscopy

By Miss Meijuan JIANG


PhD Student Seminar – 29 May 2017

Single Component for White Emission

By Mr. Weijun ZHAO


Joint CHEM &0 PHYS Seminar
– 1 Jun 2017

Back-to-back or Belly-to-belly: Self-assembly of Nonplanar Aromatic Hydrocarbons at Surfaces

By Prof. Karl Heinz Ernst

Seminar – 1 Jun 2017

The Wonders of Electron Density: from Half an Electron to Noncovalent Interactions of Biomolecular Complexes

By Prof. Weitao Yang

Seminar – 7 Jun 2017

Resistance of the Malaria Parasite to the Current Clinical Artemisinins: What Can We Do?

By Prof. Richard K. Haynes


PhD Student Seminar – 7 Jun 2017

Nazarov Cyclization and Its Application
in Total Synthesis

By Mr. Shiqiang ZHOU


Seminar – 9 Jun 2017

Ultrafast Nanoscopy: Studying the Electronic, Vibronic and Structural Dynamics of Semiconductors with Sub-10fs Temporal and Sub-10nm Spatial Resolution

By Dr. Akshay Rao